What Makes This Scope Accurate?

It mounts on a 1” weaver or any MIL-STD-1913 rail, and is totally adjustable. Use both your eyes… This is a true two eyes open scope and does not involve any squinting when you’re looking through it. Rapid target acquisition is the prime game, and this techy scope will get your bead on quickly.

Tactical application…The HWS EXPS2 has attracted a lot of attention from the military and policing and is used all over the world in many countries. Improvements and features…To save space Eotech have the new CR123A battery mounted transversely in front of the scope, reducing bulk.

This battery will last you all night and more, in fact up to 600 hours at standard brightness. To conserve it, Eotech provides two auto-off settings. Clarity of vision, depth of field, and adaptability to widely varying conditions couldn’t be better. While, 20 levels of brightness cater for all the lighting situations, and the view from behind renders your iron sights visible.

It ships with a standard 65MOA ring reticle and an optional 2nd dot 1MOA dot (EXPS2-2 model).

Eye relief is virtually unlimited, and the HWS EXPS2 can be mounted anywhere on your rail. What makes this scope accurate? It ships with a standard 65MOA ring reticle and an optional 2nd dot 1MOA dot (EXPS2-2 model). Feedback on accuracy is 5 star. This is not a cheap scope; however, you have in your hands extreme sighting flexibility.

From 3 – 300 yards, your targets, live or otherwise, will be nailed easily. Magnification: Fixed 1 x Weight: 11. 2 oz Length: 3. 8” Field of view: 30 yds at 4 in Optic: Parallax-free Holographic Transmission Adjustments: MOA – 0. 5 MOA click Full battery life: Up to 1,000 hrs Proofing: Submersible ProsUnlimited eye relief.

Wide-ranging brightness settings Pinpoint accuracy Rapid target acquisition. There is inconsistency in the sizing, length, and cut of these pants. Some of the decorative stitching may start to come loose with wear. The zippers and snaps on these pants tend to break after wearing them several times.

You may also find the material feels coarse or rough against your skin. Written by Andra DelMonicoPublished December 19, 2019Why Trust UsAll of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include. This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks.

Learn moreBenefits of Tactical PantsCarrying capacity. Good quality cargo pants normally have extra pockets to accommodate a range of different items. Some have extra-strong pockets designed to carry knives or spare magazines. Others have hidden pockets to store smaller items like handcuff keys discreetly. Durability. Cargo pants are designed for serious use and are meant to be durable and hard-wearing.

They often come with extra stitching around the knee and crotch area to prevent tearing. Some are even treated with materials like Teflon to help repel water and dirt. Variety. There are a number of different colors, styles, weights, and materials to choose from to make tactical pants versatile.

They can be used in most weather conditions and for a number of different tasks. Types of Tactical PantsOvertOvert tactical pants have the classic military look. They are designed to be functional and have a huge carrying capacity with oversized pockets. They often have reinforced areas for added strength and durability.

CovertCovert tactical pants are associated with law enforcement agents who want the versatility of tactical pants while still being discreet. Most of the time, they are made from the same materials but have hidden pockets or smaller pockets that don’t attract attention. EMS and EMT PantsThese are designed for ambulance crews and other first responders.

They are made of similar material to conventional cargo pants but have specialized pockets and compartments to carry a wide range of medical tools and gear. Top Brands5. 11 Tactical5. 11 Tactical is based in Irvine, Calif, and it designed its first cargo pants in 1968. The founder was a mountain climber who was unhappy with the durability of the trousers at the time, so he decided to make his own.

Since then, the brand has grown considerably, especially because of its popularity with law enforcement agents. Check out their 5. 11 Tactical Men’s Ridgeline Covert Pants. Hunt added. Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne, speaking for the Sheriff’s Association of Texas, said more members support HB 1927 than oppose it, making the organization neutral on the bill – though that could change to support if provisions were added to help officers quickly ascertain the legal status of somebody with a gun, he said.

Hawthorne said. A bill must have the support of 18 senators to receive a floor vote. With no Democrats publicly declaring their support for HB 1927, gun advocates have been placing mounting pressure on the Senate’s 18 Republicans to support permitless carry, arguing that opponents were wrong when they predicted mayhem would result from earlier bills that allowed concealed carry, open carry and guns on college campuses.

Are Earplugs Good Enough For Shooting?

In fact, most motorcyclists wear hearing protection. And, for good reason. At 100 decibels you can suffer severe hearing loss and damage after a 1 hour drive. Now, let’s think about guns. They are obviously very loud and top out at the higher end of the decibel chart.

Nearly all firearms create a decibel level exceeding 140. At this level, you will (not may) permanently damage your hearing. If that wasn’t enough warning, a shotgun can reach decibel levels of 175. NRR Rating for Shooting (Most Common NRR)By now you know that all hearing protection requires an NRR number to give the buyer an idea of the level of hearing protection they can expect.

Shooting ear protection with an NRR range from 28 to 31 is recommended for indoor shooting. Why – you might ask? Well, as you might imagine, shooting indoors creates a lot of echo and you are much closer to other shooters. If you’ve ever been to an outdoor range and and indoor range, you will quickly feel and hear the difference.

It is still recommended you use double ear protection in an outdoor range just to be careful. You can still damage your hearing even without the extreme echo. Are Earplugs Good Enough for Shooting? Yes, an earplug with an NRR of 33 should be enough for shooting.

Well, it simple means you should wear an earplug and ear muffs.

However, it is actually recommended that shooters wear double protection. What does this mean? Well, it simple means you should wear an earplug and ear muffs. This is actually a recommendation by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and for good reason. The decibels coming from most guns far exceeds what a single hearing protection device can protect you against.

Doubling up with earplugs and ear muffs will increase the overall NRR and help prevent hearing damage. How Hearing Loss Occurs (From Loud Noises)Loud noises, from a gunshot, can cause devastating hearing loss and damage. You might be wondering how a loud noise damages hearing.

Well, at higher decibels the sound waves can damage the hair cells in your ear. After a sound enters your outer ear and makes its way into your inner ear it become amplified. This amplification passes through cochlea fluids where they meet the hairs with nerve cells.

These cells convert those vibrations into brain signals that create sound. It is your brain that differentiates between sounds, words, and pitch. If you are exposed to extreme sounds with out hearing protection, you can damage the small cells and prevent from sending the brain signals – resulting in partial or complete hearing loss.

As you can now see, there are a range of NRR numbers to consider in addition to many factors when buying shooting ear protection. However, if you are in a pinch and want a go-to option – stick with hearing protection with at least an NRR of 33 to be safe.

Also, always remember to double-up the hearing protection whether you are at an indoor shooting range or and outdoor shooting range. Storing a free standing gun safe directly on top of concrete can be a bad idea. This is because overtime concrete can absorb and release water like a sponge, especially in basements.

A basement with high humidity leads to extra moisture being trapped underneath a safe. Rusting can start and begin to damage the integrity of the safe. Having a barrier between the concrete floor and the base of a gun safe is recommended. 3 yards. And its waterproof and fog proof properties.